Under the deluge of leftist Hollywood propaganda productions, is it time for Conservatives to start producing their own movies and TV shows? That was the question of Houston’s Morning News.You can join that conversation and poll on Twitter@ktrhnews or the website and Facebook, but I learned something in our debate this morning; a Facebook follower told me Texas was the early forerunner of Hollywood and sent me to a pretty complete writeup from the Texas State Historical Association, which I link you for you HERE.

It was just three years after Thomas Edison’s invention that Austin Texas opened a Kinetoscope parlor in 1894. In Dallas, three years later Edison’s Vitascope film projections began in Dallas.Three years after that the first film produced in Texas was a docu-scope on the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, and film studios were opening in San Antonio financed by some big Texas names. Makes you wonder what if Wyatt Earp or Tom Mix had chosen to head here rather than California.



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