Oh those Astros, slamming out that offense with 36 runs in 2 days added to their most recent records, and still finding time to salute some of the most vulnerable in Houston, kids with cancer.

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the Astros Foundation partnered with the Starlight Children's Foundation and MD Anderson to spread some joy…..we’ve posted pics HERE.

The winning ways of the Astros, on and off the field, no doubt come from their hearts, but what an example set by team owner Jim Crane. He is the example of community player setting the tone for the team of Houston. We’ve had our share of professional sports owners; Crane has not only supported and enabled the spirit of the Astros, he also embodies it. MD Anderson is just one beneficiary of Crane’s and thus the Astros goodwill.The Cancer Center will be honoring him later this year.



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