You won't believe what Jimmy got in the mail (LOOK)

Our own Jimmy Barrett opened up his mailbox yesterday, and what he saw made him do a facepalm.

We all know what's been happening with Hurricane Dorian and the devastation it unleashed on the Bahamas. It was a Category 5 storm at that point with wind gusts of over 200 miles an hour. By now you've seen the pictures, and you know that the Bahamas are going to need a long time to recover.

In what is clearly a case of bad timing, a well known cruise line sent out a mailer that Jimmy got in his mailbox yesterday. In fairness, he probably wasn't the only one that got it. Those mailers go out to thousands of people every day. But, you would think that someone in their promotions department would know there was a storm coming (we'e been talking about it for over a week), and that maybe sending out that kind of promotion is not necessarily their best move.

Anyway, check it out.


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