It was brought home to me over the Labor Day weekend; Texas home as I know it. The occasion was a surprise birthday party for the former Mayor of Hallettsville, retired now, but still a kickin' as we say.

Warren Grindeland was trained by and took over the Fryer Construction Company when my own dad retired. He was a classmate and best friend of my brother; I consider him a brother anyway, as our parents were good friends and Warren’s mom was my high school phys ed teacher and pep squad coach.That’s how lives interweave in small town Texas. And it was a look back at all our intertwined lives as friends gathered at the Moravia Country Store for the party. Thought you might like a peek at my favorite Lavaca County watering hole and small dance hall. Former classmates, guys who worked for my dad, parents of my childhood friends, and many of my “kids,” as I consider Warren’s daughters equal nieces to my own. A look inside my “Texas Home.”



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