WATCH: Verlander ejected by umpire who runs him while his back is turned

Normally when you see an umpire in baseball eject a player or manager, he has the courage to do it to that player's face. But not Pat Hoberg, who was the home plate umpire in last night's 15-1 win by the Astros over the Rays.

Justin Verlander was cruising along, and did get the win. But in the sixth inning, he took issue with Hoberg's call of a pitch, and let him know about it. That's when he was ejected - WHILE HIS BACK WAS TURNED TO THE UMPIRE.


And as you might expect, Verlander wasn't at a loss for words after the game.


The Astros and Rays continue their series tonight. Coverage starts on Sports Talk 790 at 6 with the On Deck show. First pitch at 7:10, which you can hear on KTRH.


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