Stay classy Colts fans: Luck hears boos as retirement story breaks (VID)

Andrew Luck didn't play for the Houston Texans, but he will always have a connection with the Houston area because he grew up here.

By now you know that Luck, who has battled calf and ankle injuries this summer, announced his retirement on Saturday night. That announcement came about an hour after the news broke on ESPN that Luck was going to end his career. In a day and age where fans get all sorts of alerts on their smart phones, the Indianapolis crowd got the news before it was official, and let Luck how they felt in the least classiest way possible.


It was obviously not an easy decision to make, as you can see below from his official announcement of the news.


Colts fans have every right to be upset, but should they have booed him off the field? Many in the national media said no, and some pointed out the laundry list of injuries Luck has dealt with over the years.


And while you might think the Colts are angry about this news, they are allowing him to keep nearly $25 Million in bonuses, and owner Jim Irsay is keeping the door open if Luck wants to come back.


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