Marianne Williamson wants a 'Department of Peace' (VIDEO)

Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, who has made a name for herself in this campaign for some of the weird things she has said during the first two debates, is at it again.

Now she is saying that if elected President (admittedly a very big if), that she will create a 'Department of Peace.'

Yes, you read that correctly. Department. Of. Peace.

Williamson, a self-help guru turned 2020 presidential contender, said in press release that the peace department will focus on issues such as combating white supremacy and creating “restorative justice programs.”

You can read more HERE, and watch Williamson talk about this below.


This is not the first time Williamson has talked about this kind of thing. She actually brought this up five year ago during an interview with Larry King!


Never change, Marianne. Never, ever change.


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