Two years now since the death of Matt Patrick and our sorrow remains, but with a new purpose.

After visiting with Paula, I agree that surely Matt is smiling on her creation of the Matt Patrick Memorial Foundation. The family wants to help other families that lose a loved one to cancer. That’s the mission of the foundation, and all of us, and any of you who want to take part, can help in the launch. Even more appropriate that the date of July 20, this Saturday, coincides with the Apollo 11 Moon walk.

I know Matt is really a-tingle with that.The event at the Republic Country Club will feature live music, and auction, a lot of familiar faces, lots of Matt’s Sandbox friends, talk about the “Talker;” Matt had that title on his Texas license plates. We will remember things like that. Paula and son Jake want it to be a shindig reunion, even as we raise the initial funding for a foundation near to our hearts.

Y’all come.


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