Celebrities get in on #BottleCapChallenge (VIDEOS)

In case you haven't seen it there's a new social media challenge taking the internet by storm.

Thanks to now-viral videos posted by stars like actor Jason Statham and singer John Mayer, the #bottlecapchallenge is all over the place online.

The challenge calls for participants to place a bottle on a solid surface with the cap loosely twisted shut. The objective is to untwist the cap with a back-spin kick without actually using your hands to touch the bottle.

Statham showed off his moves in a slow-motion video posted to his Instagram account yesterday successfully pulling it off after being challenged by Mayer, who posted his own Instagram video over the weekend.

UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway pulled it off as well. You expect him to do that, though. What you don;t expect is for his son to do it, too. Well, guess what, the MMA genes run in the family, because little Rush got the job done as well.

The question is ... can you?



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