AUDIO (:49 ) - MEETING PARO - Shara Fryer

I had heard about PARO….but meeting the Japanese robot in the form of a pup seal….and its brilliant inventor….was heartwarming and enlightening.

PARO is no toy, rather artificial intelligence utilized for therapy…for seniors suffering Alzheimer, dementia, children with autism, cancer patients…. Approved for that use by the Feds.

I can see it. The PAROs I met where incredibly lifelike….now in its 9th generation …and proof of where aritificial intelligence can take us.

I was moderating a panel about AI and healthcare..more about that sometime. It could be a brilliant new future for all of us. The intelligence quotient was pretty intense among the humans, btw, but you could see how PARO appealed to and lowered the stress level of that high level audience.

I’ve posted a quick video of PARO and his inventor at



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