The Texas economic engine is humming on Texas oil and gas. Yes, we have diversification of industry and technology, agriculture and medicine, and retail and services, etc….but it all relies on energy to exist, just as you do.

And there’s more in how the oil “bidness” affects each and every Texan.

“Last year alone, the Texas oil and natural gas industry paid the equivalent of $38 million a day to fund Texas schools, roads, universities and first responders.” The numbers coming from the Texas Oil & Gas Association. Last year 14 billion dollars went to Texas in state and local taxes and state royalties, and if you add the numbers since 2007, it’s a staggering $133 billion dollars in taxes and royalties that the state of Texas uses in its budget.

As for big, dirty oil? It’s the industry investing in advanced technologies to protect the environment….land and air. Thanks to clean burning natural gas…CO2 emissions in this entire country are at a 20 year low. Big green new deal??? That “dog don’t hunt” in Texas.


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