White Women Aren't Having Enough Babies But Hispanic Women Are

A report based on 2017 birth certificate data reveals that the United States is at a 30-year low in baby-making rates and this new low means Americans aren't having enough children to sustain the population. 

A new CDC report reveals 2017 birth rates fell 16 percent below levels required to repopulate the U.S.. 

The cost of raising kids, plus, the general pressure on American households could factor into the decision to have less or no children at all. States that stand out with greater chances of repopulation are South Dakota and Utah. They were the only states that seem to be most able to replace its population. 

Among the low numbers, Washington, D.C. had the lowest total fertility rate.

White women tend to stay below replacement levels and fertility rates in every state, according to CDC researchers.  found fertility rates among white women were consistently below the level for replacement in every state.

In 29 states, Hispanic women have hit adequate replacement levels in 29 states. Black women were capable to achieve replacement levels in 12 states, at less than half of Hispanic numbers. 


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