POLL RESULTS: You WOULD Replace Pharmaceuticals with Medical Cannabis

A new study by the University of Michigan is proving cannabis is more beneficial than big pharma. 

A few excerpts from the study show: 

"Recreational users of opiates have also shifted to cannabis when cannabis becomes more available and also when opiates become less available on the black market."


"Medical cannabis users reported both trusting and using medical cannabis considerably more than mainstream healthcare."


The trouble with addiction and prescription drugs is so major that the Texas attorney general's office is launching now a website to help fight addiction to opioids and prescription drugs.  The website that went live yesterday is called Dose of Reality.  

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For the website, Attorney General Ken Paxton says it includes downloadable information on opioids, risks of misuse, and ways to safely store and dispose of unwanted drugs."Medical cannabis is more integrated with health systems in some nations, including insurance coverage."

What do you think? Would you switch to cannabis in place of your Rx if cannabis if it were legal in Texas? VOTE below:

OCTOBER 14, 2014. LAGUNA WOODS, CA.  Pat McClintock, age 85, takes drops of marijuana oil for her illness.


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