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Will The Trump-Biden Debate On June 27th Really Happen?

Joe Biden's cognitive decline and awkward moments were on full display on the world stage during his trip to Normandy. Biden referred to D-Day as June 5th, just the latest gaffe for the 81-year old president.

Needless to say, it's raising a lot of concern, and questions for Democrats. One of the big ones, will we actually see Biden debate former president Donald Trump later this month?

"I think we'll see the debate" said writer and FOX News columnist, David Marcus, "The Democrats and the Biden campaign need these moments every month and a half or so. Joe just get out there, and you can have some pudding in the basement again."

That is the plan, plus as Marcus points out, by having the debate so early, it does allow the Democrats a little wiggle room for a possible plan 'B', is Biden gets blown out in Georgia.

"It's a risk, and I think it's a calculated risk" Marcus told KTRH, "Because if it does go wrong, Democrats can move on. This would buy them a month and a half to get to the convention, so I absolutely think we'll see the debate."

All eyes and ears will be on Atlanta, with the Trump - Biden debate set for Thursday night, June 27th.


Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

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