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A New Effort Has Begun To Eliminate Texas GOP’s Pro-Life Priority

When you think 'pro-life', or 'red state', you think of Texas. But there is actually a Republican group pushing a petition for the Texas GOP to eliminate their pro-life priority.

"We hear this every once in awhile, even before the overturn of Roe v. Wade" said Dr. John Seago, president of Texas Right To Life, "Republicans that want to streamline the platform, or reprioritize and focus on winning."

The radical Republican group calls themselves 'Right To Win', and they believe that Republicans would win more elections if they dropped the abortion fight. Good luck with that.

"Thankfully in Texas, we've had a lot of our elected officials staying focused and faithful to that mission" Dr. Seago told KTRH, "It would be wrong to abandon it for political reasons, this is a moral issue."

And we will see if there is any kind of issue next week, during the Republican Party of Texas state convention.

"If this comes to the floor of the general assembly, or if it comes up in the legislative priorities or platform committee, the Republican party will stay faithful to it's principles and to it's conviction on the pro-life issue" noted Dr. Seago.

The Texas GOP convention will be held next week in San Antonio.

Austin, Texas Abortion Debate, July, 2013

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