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The Left Is Intent On Allowing Non-Citizens To Vote In The U.S.

With less than six months to go now until the most important election of our lifetime, the left is doing everything they can to make sure that non-citizens will be able to vote in November.

"You can get registered to vote with a drivers license number" said Byron Fisher, Chief of Staff of the Election Protection Project with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "It's a weakness in the system, and it's a pretty easy fix to it, to make sure that our elections are secured."

Hoping to make that 'fix' a reality, Texas Congressman, Chip Roy has introduced the Save Act, which would require proof of citizenship to vote.

"This legislation is crucial to close those loopholes, and make sure that our elections are only affected by American citizens" Fisher told KTRH, "Heading that off at the pass now, working in advance to raise awareness, and hopefully we'll be able to get the legislation passed this year."

It can't happen soon enough, as Democrat Governors in Arizona, North Carolina, and Wisconsin have already vetoed election integrity bills that were passed by Republicans.

"Places like Vermont, New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco are slowly bringing non-citizens into the franchise, with an eye on having them vote in federal elections in the future" noted Fisher. There have also been states that have allowed illegals to register to vote, just by using a drivers license number, that they received after being released into our country.

A few weeks ago, House Speaker Mike Johnson introduced the bill during a news conference with former president Donald Trump.

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