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Study Finds ‘Significant Increase’ In Cancer Mortality After 3rd COVID Dose

A new study out of Japan found a significant increase in cancer deaths after taking a 3rd Covid vaccine shot. The data showed that cancer deaths started rising again in Japan in 2021.

"Once we go to the 3rd dose, cancers started to go up" said renowned Texas based doctor, Peter McCullough, "It's very disturbing, and the Japanese data has shown that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine's could cause cancer through multiple mechanisms."

The numbers are alarming, because they came after a decade of decline for cancer deaths.

"As we sit here today, all of the evidence suggests that the Covid-19 vaccines actually may cause cancer" McCullough told KTRH, "Every cancer registry in the world is up right now."

But not the release of the post Covid-19 vaccine data, which continues to be censored and suppressed.

"There's roughly 4,000 papers showing vaccine complications and deaths" noted Dr. McCullough, "What we're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, it's a giant human experiment. We can't possibly know what's going to happen because things weren't properly researched ahead of time."

In Japan, 86.5% took a 3rd Covid vaccine jab, compared to just 15% here in the U.S.

Hand in blue medical gloves holding a syringe and vaccine vial with Covid 19 Vaccine Booster text, for Coronavirus booster shot.

Photo: SilverV / iStock / Getty Images

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