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The Texas GOP Looking At Options To Close Its Primary

In the aftermath of last month's GOP Primary, the Republican Party of Texas is now looking into closing their primary elections in the future.

The primary reason? Democrat interference.

"What we saw this last election, we saw Nikki Haley openly courting Democrat voters" said Texas GOP Chair, Matt Rinaldi, "Where Governor Abbott got involved, anti school-choice Democrats crossed over to vote for anti school-choice candidates."

As for what type of interference we're talking about? Rinaldi notes, "We estimate about 4% - 9% of the vote at a minimum, was Democrats in the Republican Primary."

With that said, the bottom line is that now the seats are too important, and the stakes are way too high.

"We as a party want our strongest candidates put forward, chosen by our Republican voters" Rinaldi told KTRH, "If the TX legislature won't close our primaries, we're going to take steps to do it ourselves."

Republican voters responded accordingly, with 73% approving a ballot proposition in support of a closed primary.

"It's extremely popular among Republican's because Democrats have been so active and vocal about their desire to cause chaos in the GOP Primary" noted Rinaldi, "And we think it needs to stop. Republican's should choose Republican nominees, Democrats should not be interfering in the opposite party's primary and that's what they've been doing."

The Texas GOP Convention is coming up next month in San Antonio. The hope is for changes before the next Republican Primary in March of 2026.

Checklist concept. Voter votes for Republican on the ballot. A checkmark for Republican in the checkbox.

Photo: marketlan / iStock / Getty Images

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