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Climate Activists Have A New Target In Mind For Major Summer Protests

If the anti-Israel protests that are happening across the U.S. aren't bad enough, the radical climate cult is getting ready to wreck havoc this summer.

A group called 'Climate Defiance' is calling for a "historic blockade" of the Congressional Baseball Game, an annual competition where Republican and Democratic members of Congress compete in America’s favorite pastime. 

"And what they're instead turning this into is, how can anyone play a game when the country is boiling, and the world is dying" said Marc Morano at the Climate Depot, "To save the climate, we need to legislate a better climate."

That is the left's agenda, and the ultimate goal is pretty simple.

"For Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency" Morano told KTRH, "Which would give him Covid-like, and 9-11 executive powers, for which he could bypass democracy, and implement the 'Green New Deal' without a vote of Congress. That is really what this pressure is, it's just another way to put America down the road to a climate lockdown."

And if you think that sounds crazy or extreme? It is already happening in Europe, where 'going green' has been catostrophic.

"Just last week the German Transport Minister floated the idea of weekend car bans, in order to meet their net zero climate goals in Germany" noted Morano, "That is the kind of stuff, it's up to your imagination what Joe Biden could do."

The radical climate activists, who Morano says are actually doing the bidding of the elites, want Biden to do something before the November election.


Photo: ROBERTO SCHMIDT / AFP / Getty Images

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