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The World Is Paying Deadly Price For Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

As the crisis in the Middle East continues, we are witnessing more and more of the consequences of former president Barack Obama's foreign policy legacy.

"I just think Obama came from a tradition that saw the world very differently, and saw America sort of as a colonialist power" said David Harsanyi, senior editor with The Federalist, "And for him, he doesn't really see any big moral difference between Iran and Israel."

As bad as Bill Clinton was, he was still pro America on most key issues. But with Obama, that's when we got our first glimpse of the left's truly radical agenda, and the beginning of America 'last' from the Democrats and our own U.S. government.

Barack Obama was focused on bolstering Iran and the Middle East. And now his foreign policy legacy has become Joe Biden's legacy as well.

"Biden wants to be loved by the party" Harsanyi told KTRH, "But he's made the anti-Israel people mad in the Democratic party, he's made pro-Israel people mad in his party. No one is listening to him, there's no coherent Middle East policy."

If you remember, Donald Trump did more for Israel than any president in U.S. history. But just like with everything else, Joe Biden reversed it. Now the Democrats are openly boasting about their pro-Hamas support, while turning their backs on Israel.

The U.S. and the world is paying a deadly price for Barack Obama's foreign policy plan.

Obama Meets With Amir Of Kuwait

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