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Paxton Gets Denied Again, 'Uplift Harris' Is Back On For Now

Last week it was local Democrat judge Ursula Hall, and today, the 14th Court of Appeals denied Texas AG Ken Paxton's emergency order to block the 'Uplift Harris' guaranteed income program.

The Democrat dreamed give-away plan will give $500 a month to -select- low income households over 18 months.

"Out of 10 selected zip codes, there's not a single zip code that's in Precinct 3, that would be my precinct" said Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey, on the Michael Berry Show, "And so they're defining poverty as only existing in those 10 zip codes."

And the judges apparently don't see any problem with it. While the Republican Chief Justice Tracy Christopher voted in favor to grant Paxton's motion, fellow Republican Justice Randy Wilson, along with the Democrat Jerry Zimmerer voted against it.

The first 'Uplift Harris' $500 checks are set to go out on Wednesday. In a post on X, Democrat Commissioner Rodney Ellis said, "Rest assured, we'll send payments on Wednesday unless the TX Supreme Court orders us otherwise."

"This is bad" Ramsey told Berry, "This is nothing more than bad policy. It's just ridiculous, it's just sad really."
Next up, AG Paxton is expected to take the case to the Texas Supreme Court.


Photo: Tribune News Service

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