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Bad Teachers: It Seems Like Almost Daily A Teacher Is Caught With A Student

Despite all of the recent pushback from parents, there is another problem happening in school's, and it's not just the woke left's radical ideology.

It seems like not a day goes by that we don't hear about some kind of incident involving a teacher and a student. What is going on?

"It's the changing culture on attitudes about sexuality, when they are teaching that anything goes" said Sherry Sylvester, senior fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "When they are teaching that you can be a boy or a girl, or maybe a dog, not supporting the nuclear family, it really breeds this kind of behavior."
At a time when you have teacher shortages due to the forced leftist agenda at many public schools, many wonder what is going on with the vetting process for these teachers?

"The Texas legislature has been tackling this problem for a number of years" Sylvester told KTRH, "The onus is on school administrators. They've got to report, they've got to fire people."

She also pointed out that this is yet another glaring example, of why there needs to be 'school choice' passed in Texas.

"We have people coming out of education schools indoctrinated with crazy values" noted Sylvester, "So the notion of going after a kid is not as negative as it used to be."

This is the U.S. education system in 2024.

School, college, female teacher talking to a male teenage student in school corridor

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