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Travelers avoiding flights on Boeing planes as safety concerns balloon

The fall of Boeing in the year 2024 has been a shocking, and really just weird thing to watch unfold. Concerns were heightened a in 2018 and 2019, when many of their Boeing 737 MAX planes crashed due to a faulty MCAS feature. That was the byproduct of poor training but was rectified with no real similar issues since then.

But enter this year, and Boeing's safety reputation is facing maybe one of its stiffest tests yet. There have been more incidents on runways and in the air to count. Most notably, the Alaska Airlines flight that had a door plug blow off mid-flight in January. There has also been landing gear failures, brake failures on runways, and panels being blown off midflight. It has become an almost weekly occurrence.

It has gotten so bad that Boeing's CEO and two others senior executives recently resigned. It all has come to a head as well when a company whistleblower, who said the company was ignoring safety procedures, was found dead just a week after giving damning testimony. All of this has now resulted in travelers.

Editor of Red State Brandon Morse says this is all the result of their woke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

"This is the results DEI has given us for a while...you introduce it, your quality tanks because you are hiring based on identity, and not on merit or skill," he says. "The quality of the product goes down, and because of that...customers walk away...in this case...they are running away because they do not want to die."

That is what the woke mindset has done. It has infected everything from our nation's schools to the transportation system. But now it has transitioned from somewhat harmless, political nonsense into a fatal infection.

"Because of that...you now have people being brought in to assemble airplanes...and when you have a person who is not qualified, you get a lot of mistakes," he says.

Sure, mistakes can be forgivable from time to time, especially in a majority of workplaces. But Boeing is not most workplaces. Millions upon millions of lives depend on their ability to keep their standards high. They have failed at that in the last decade or so.

Boeing though has managed to bounce back from major incidents. A combined 346 people died between Lion Air flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which were doomed by Boeing's MCAS system. This time though might be a little different because of how commonplace the issues are becoming.

"They could come back...but it will take a lot longer before people trust them again. They are still proud of their DEI push...this problem will get worse before it gets any better," says Morse.

While Boeing may think being woke is best, they need to be awakened to solve their big problems. But that may take drastic action, such as a boycotting of new plane purchases by airlines.

"Something has to give...it would become an issue then that they have to deal with," he says.

Morse notes however that boycotting new purchases is probably still a good way off in the future.

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner commercial airline aircraft landing at Farnborough Airport.

Photo: Ryan Fletcher / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

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