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The Dems Are Still Chasing Their Blue Texas Fantasy

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Case in point, the longstanding Democrat dream of turning Texas 'blue'.

After a close election in 2018, the left have convinced themselves that they can knock off Senator Ted Cruz, who is running for a 3rd term. But the polls? They show otherwise.

"I don't think the polls are that close" said political commentator Silvio Canto Jr., who wrote about the race for American Thinker, "There's 4 polls, there's one that shows Cruz up by 2 points, and then the other 3 are 6, 8, and 14."

The Democrats are counting with Colin Allred, a radical leftist who has voted in congress with both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, 100% time. All of his campaign adds thus far have focused on abortion rights.

"I just don't think that issue will generate that much excitement in Texas" Canto Jr. told KTRH, "There's been some talk in the media about Senator Cruz being vulnerable because of 2018, but I didn't think it would be."

The reality is, most Texans back Senator Cruz on the big issues, like the border.

"The Democrats have to defend a lot of other seats" noted Canto Jr., "And I'm not sure they want to blow a lot of money on another blue fantasy in Texas, I just don't."
He adds that the Democrats could have a voter turnout problem, with incredibly low numbers during the primary. That will not be the case with Donald Trump on the ballot for Republicans.

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