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Two Thirds of adults prefer to see new movies at home, not in theaters

A newly installed cinema seating at Beij

Photo: AFP

Two Thirds of adults surveyed said that they would prefer to watch new movie releases at home, not in movie theaters. This according to indiewire.com - see link below.

Joshua Starnes, staff writer and film critic with Vitalthrills.com says the results of this survey don't surprise him. Average films are ending up going spending much less time in "exclusive" screenings in theaters - averaging 30 days now, versus 90 days previously. The "at home" experience has improved and the in theater experience is not as desirable - and A LOT more expensive.

Premium Format Experience ("PFE") - people will pay out for some films that are particularly well-suited to these formats - like IMAX or 4D. But for "average" films, they are likely to wait and watch them at home.

Starnes says he doesn't think these trends are likely to change, either.

Two-Thirds of US Adults Would Rather Wait for Movies on Streaming (indiewire.com)

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