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Get Ready For Tax Hikes And More Fees If You Live Here In Houston

New Houston Mayor John Whitmire didn't take long to declare that Houston is broke. So what does that mean exactly? Get ready for more tax hikes and more fees.

"The city is projecting a budget deficit of about $160 million dollars" said Charles Blain, president of Urban Reform, "And ideas like a garbage fee has been thrown out, along with potentially asking voters to raise the property tax cap."

It's a common problem in blue cities like Houston, across the U.S. The common denominator is Democrats. They would rather hit up taxpayers for more money, instead of cutting any spending themselves.

"We see more spending, and more spending, and more spending" Blain told KTRH, "And then they look to taxpayers to cover those gaps rather than looking at areas that they can cut. That has happened for years in the city of Houston."

And it will continue to happen as long as we have Democrat leaders in charge.

The new fiscal year for the city of Houston is set to start on July 1st.

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