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Florida Law Bans Social Media For Minors Under 14, Will Texas Be Next?

In case you missed it, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed into law, a new ban from social media for minors under the age of 14. The big question now is, will Texas follow suit?

"A lot of people will want to say will Texas follow Florida?" said Zach Whiting with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "And I would argue, Florida is following Texas."

That's because Texas lawmakers almost passed an even better bill during the last legislative session, HB 896, which was introduced but never had a hearing.

"This bill, an even better version of the bill was filed last session, the bill HB 896" Whiting told KTRH, "And it would place an age verification on kids under 18 from using social media, so it's an even stronger version."

In the meantime, Texas did pass the SCOPE Act to protect minors and parents, along with age verification for pornography sites.

"There is appetite from lawmakers to continue to take on strong efforts to keep kids safe on-line, so I am confident that a bill like this will come up again in Texas next legislative session" noted Whiting.

That next Texas legislative session is set for next year.

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