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Liberals begin backing 2nd Amendment but only for illegal immigrants

Amid the wild cacophony of cries from Democrats in the last few decades has been the want to a ban on most guns in the United States. They will say it is only assault rifles, but their wildest dreams include making it where no one has a right to carry a weapon. All of it comes as part of their push for some weirdly obedient utopia.

But in a surprise move, a liberal Obama-appointed judge in Illinois recently stood up for the Second Amendment. The judge ruled that an illegal immigrant was wrongly banned form possessing a firearm. Yes, you read that correct. An illegal immigrant, someone who is not a U.S. citizen, was given protection under the Constitution that protects American legal citizens.

Political commentator Silvio Canto Jr. says this undermines Americans, while also insulting legal immigrants.

"The left is always talking about checking ID before buys guns...well, yes, but how does a person with no identification buy a gun?" he says. "You should not get special treatment and get the same rights that we get...that is insane. If you are here illegally, you should be lucky you are not being deported."

The immigrant in question from the ruling, Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, was charged under U.S. Code 18.922, which prohibits illegal immigrants from carrying guns or ammunition. That adds up on the logic scale. A person not legally a citizen does not have the same rights as citizens.

But as they have shown time and again, the liberals do not operate under logic or basic common sense. They instead operate under ignorance, and an astonishing lack of awareness.

"I think this judge, either on purpose or without realizing, was mocking people who play by the rules, and follow the rules," he says. "I guarantee there are lots of people who reacted negatively to this blurring between illegal and legal immigrants."

That line blurring between the two also sets a questionable precedent.

"If there is no legal difference between a person being in the country legally, and a person being in the country illegally, then what does a citizenship mean?" he says.

That is a perfectly reasonable question to ask. After all, the Constitution was made to protect American citizen's, not Mexican citizen's, or Venezuelan's, or Haitian's.

In recent months at the border, there has been an influx of criminals crossing the border. All of it has culminates in cases like Laken Riley, who was murdered by an illegal while jogging at the University of Georgia. There was also the case of the Haitian illegal immigrant who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old in Massachusetts. The list goes on and on.

Once again, this is all part of their weird utopia, where everyone is welcome and there are no rules.

"They do not believe in immigration law and open borders...this opinion has to be shot down on appeal. If it does not, we are inviting a lot of unintended consequences," he says.

Surely, the ruling will be appealed, and the judge's ruling nullified. But, once again, that would require logic and common sense, and that is something that the Democrats laughably lack.

Concealed (Mexican Carry) Firearm Under Jacket

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