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Poll: Almost A Third Of Americans Say The First Amendment Goes 'Too Far'

Censorship is still a big issue in the U.S., especially now in another election year. The left's censorship of conservatives and the Hunter Biden laptop story played a huge role in the 2020 election.

Fast forward four years later, and a new poll finds that almost a 1/3 of Americans say the First Amendment goes 'too far'.

"It probably comes down to the fact that the First Amendment protects a lot of really nasty stuff" said Emma Camp, assistant editor at Reason magazine, "It protects a lot of really offensive speech, a lot of really objectionable speech. People who are answering this survey are only thinking of the speech that they really dislike."

Most of which comes from the left, who are big on free speech, except when you don't agree with them.

"When they argue in favor of censoring a certain viewpoint, they're being short sighted" Camp told KTRH, "And they're not considering how the power to censor will inevitably be used to censor speech that they do like."

The survey also found that 2/3 of Americans believe that our nation is on the wrong track when it comes to free speech.

And lastly, only 25% said that our free speech in the U.S. is 'very' or 'completely' secure.

"There definitely has been an increasing tendency for more censorship" noted Camp.

Free speech is definitely on the ballot this November. It's a trend that will hopefully end, after the election.

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