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Is Biden About To Backtrack On His Open Border Policies?

With plummeting poll numbers, and no border bill to bail out the self created crisis, there are reports that Joe Biden will announce an executive order on immigration during the upcoming SOTU.

They're calling it a 'Biden Hail-Mary', and it's not a surprise to Trump's former border chief.

"We may see something, I agree with you" said Ron Vitielo, former U.S. Border Chief under Donald Trump, "This is motivated by cynicism and a desire to stay in power, and not because they are patriotic people who love America."

When Joe Biden took office, he inherited the most secure border in U.S. history. And then he changed that with a swoop of his pen, and a series of executive orders.

The truth is, Biden could secure the border today if he wanted to. But he doesn't want to. So what we can expect on March 7th?

"I would be surprised if there was some gesture" said Jessica Vaughan, with the Center for Immigration Studies, "But I would be very surprised if it actually shut down the influx of illegal migration in any meaningful way."

Just something to try and turn the narrative, which has been devastating to the Democrats.

"The political damage is probably done" Vaughan told KTRH.

The State Of The Union address is set for Thursday night, March 7th.

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