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Half Of IRS Agents Work & Access Taxpayers' Personal Info – From Home

Not only is the IRS looking to expand to go after more conservatives, they are also still allowing half of all of their employees to continue to work from home.

"Not on secure computers in their office, but on their iPhone's and iPad's for their personal use" said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, "That is allowed by the present IRS rules."

IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel recently testified before the House Committee on Ways and Means that half of IRS agents do work from home. But when asked about vulnerability and security concerns, he refused to answer.

"It is crazy, and it is wrong" Norquist told KTRH, "The IRS is not treating your private financial information with respect."

Something that has been an issue for awhile, going back to the Obama days, when the IRS under his watch was caught targeting conservatives.

"We know that people in the IRS have stolen data, and have given it to friends and political people" noted Norquist, "They got caught doing this recently, they shouldn't get a penny more until they begin to take your privacy seriously."

One agent was recently caught stealing 7,900 tax returns, and then giving them to a left-wing group for political purposes.

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