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Charities blacklist Conservatives from donations on Left's 'moral compass'

Conservatives have been a target of liberals for many years now, but none more so than in the last half decade. The amount of censoring, and politically driven lawsuits that have been filed has been bewildering. All of it is in efforts to take control of the country, and silence Republicans, and those who think with basic logic.

No surprise, the Left is continuing more efforts to silence Republican voices. Many large charities, backed by major corporations, are now denying funding to any Conservative or faith-based group, according to research from the Daily Caller.

How are they doing it? Andy Hogue of the Travis County GOP says it is all rooted in following the Left's 'moral compass.'

"It is the idea of being an ethical corporation...they have their own system of ethics and if someone does not abide by those, which include radical environmentalism and things like that...they do not want to fund them at all," he says.

The screening process relies on lists put together by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which in turn label Conservative or faith-based groups as 'hate groups.'

While the SPLC cries about having a moral compass, their reasonings for holding funding from Conservatives are rather immoral.

"All they want is money...they are a group of attorneys who sue and want to win," he says. "If they list a local think tank as a hate group, and the group wants to make good with them...the lawyers call them, and tell them to abide by the rules, and they will take them off the hate map."

There tends to be another word for used that sort of practice. It is called 'extortion.'

Yet, they continue their crusades in the name of making more money from deep pocket corporations.

"The problem is lawfare being expressed in its worst terms...we have to say no to these lawyers, and say 'no,'" says Hogue. "We need to say they can do what they want with their hate map until it becomes irrelevant and laughable...which, to be honest...the SPLC has become a laughingstock."

It seems that is what the Left's 'moral compass' always boils down to: money.

"They are lawyers trying to make money and continue and industry...and that is what you see, it is a money-making organization," he says. "The best way to do that is to hold people hostage."

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