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Did George Soros’s Recent Purchase Just Ruin Republican Radio?

We know that left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent millions to make our government blue. He has also spent a lot of green on the mainstream media. And now, Soros has his sights set on radio.

According to recent reports, Soros just purchased $400 million dollars of debt in Audacy, which is the 2nd largest radio network in the country behind iHeart.

"We've seen George Soros use his vast wealth, and vast power to censor conservatives worldwide for a long, long time" said Dan Schneider, V.P. at the Media Research Center, "And he's now trying to destroy us in radio."

Sources believe that Soros made the move with the hopes of influencing this year's election. We're not exactly sure how it will work, but someone doesn't shell out $400 million, without getting something in return.

"I can only imagine that once George Soros gets complete control of these radio stations, we're going to start to see a purge of some of the most popular conservative talk shows, and we're going to see them being replaced by left-wing programming."

He says it's up to conservatives to push back, and he also called on state AG's and Congress, to take action.

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