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Auto Insurance Is Up More Than 20% Compared To A Year Ago

As we all found out the hard way to start the new year, according to the latest CPI numbers, auto insurance is up more than 20% compared to a year ago. Add to that a high car payment, maintenance, and gas, just how much is it these days to drive a car?

"All in, the average cost to drive a car now is over $12,000 a year" said the Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds, "That includes payments, insurance, gas, and maintenance."

It's a lot, because cars are now a lot more expensive to replace, and repair.

"I hear it every day" Reynolds told KTRH, "And the price of cars is a big thing, but all that stuff adds up and when you go to replacing them, it's going to be expensive for the insurance companies and you can bet their rates are going to reflect that."

Here in Texas, trucks and suv's are in really high demand. If you want a new car, shop around because the incentives are coming back in a big way.

As for EV's, they are not moving at all because they are way too expensive. But if you want one, there are plenty available.

Auto and Car Insurance policy with keys

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