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Free Heart and Kidney Screenings at TSU Next Week

This press release was sent to KTRH News this week. With the cost of health care today, it's good to take advantage of free opportunities. This test will let you know your cholesterol level.

No-Cost Heart & Kidney Health Screening Available on February 20th, 21st, and 22nd at Texas Southern University

Local event will screen Houston residents for Lp(a), a dangerous type of cholesterol and heart risk most doctors are not routinely testing for, as well as certain other metabolism and kidney risks

Care Access, a global clinical research company helping to accelerate the future of medicine, is bringing its Heart & Kidney Health Screening initiative to Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. This health screening aims to raise awareness and provide testing for certain health risk factors, including a dangerous type of cholesterol known as lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a), which impacts one in five people and significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Despite the prevalence of Lp(a) and its impact on cardiovascular health, most people are unaware of their Lp(a) levels due to limited access to testing. It is critical to raise community awareness of this risk factor as there are no currently approved medicines for lowering Lp(a) and it is not impacted by a healthy diet or exercise.

The Heart & Kidney Health Screening offers no-cost Lp(a) testing as well as screenings for other related metabolism and kidney risks. The screenings are part of the Future of Medicine program by Care Access which not only provides crucial health information to participants but also encourages community involvement in clinical trials for potential new treatments targeting Lp(a) and other conditions.

The Future of Medicine program features three key components:

  • No-Cost Testing: No-cost screenings for certain heart and kidney risks, including Lp(a), to provide individuals valuable information about their health.
  • Health Education: Information to raise awareness about cardiovascular health and the importance of clinical research in advancing medical treatments.
  • Clinical Trial Awareness: Assistance in finding local clinical trial opportunities and promoting community engagement in medical research.

Care Access will host screening events on February 20-22 at Texas Southern University, 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, Texas 77030. Walk-ins are available, but scheduling is recommended at MyFreeHeartTest.com.

photo: Getty Images

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