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Texas GOP Censures Dade Phelan

Texas Governor Abbott Convenes Special Session Of State Legislature

Photo: Tamir Kalifa / Getty Images News / Getty Images

The Texas GOP has censured House Speaker Dade Phelan over the failed impeachment of state Attorney Ken Paxton.

The vote was 55-4. The resolution concurs with most of Jasper County’s own censure resolution, which passed on November 10th. In December, the SREC considered the Jasper County concurrence before giving Phelan and the full body of members time to prepare for the February 10 vote.

Specifically, the resolution discourages Phelan from participating in this year’s Republican Party primary, strips GOP financial support from his campaign, and potentially opens the door to the party campaigning against him.

The initial censures originated in the counties of Orange and Jasper, two of the three that make up Phelan’s home district.

Orange County listed Phelan’s appointment of some Democrats to lead committees in the state House, point of order killing the border security measure House Bill 20, and stalling of school choice legislation.

Phelan is being challenged for his seat in the March primary by David Covey, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump.

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