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Ethics complaints the Democrats new way to silence Republicans in court

Democrats have been on a censorship and silencing kick for quite some time now. It has started with the intentional silencing of Conservative media outlets on social media platforms owned by their Leftist colleagues. Now it has grown into other areas in our legal system.

Lawyers are now having to defend themselves more than ever before ethics committees or state bar associations due to an unprecedented rise in ethics complaints. All of it part of efforts by the Democrats to extract revenge for even considering challenging them on anything legally.

Joy Pullman of The Federalist says this really fired up as a way for them to silence any litigations regarding the controversial 2020 elections.

"There was litigation largely predicated on the fact that many states just ignored key election laws. After that, one way the Democrats decided one way they would neuter their opponent's ability to make any arguments in court was to punish any lawyers who went against them," she says.

In Texas even, the bar association has been waging war with Attorney General Ken Paxton by way of ethics complaints. Over in Arizona, three lawyers who contested the 2020 election procedure and worked with gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake are now facing discipline complaints in their state's supreme court.

This is something that used to be frowned upon, but those days are long gone.

"That became basically a very effective strategy for Democrats though, and overturned many norms in the legal system that were based on the fact that it is up to the legislature to legislate, not the court," she says.

Their undying efforts to hurt former President Donald Trump is another prime example. They have bogged him down in so many court cases and indictments all in efforts to keep him from likely thrashing Joe Biden in November.

But this has become so deep-seated in the legal system, there is almost no way back to normality.

"The institutions the Democrats have done...starting with education...it is affecting our legal ones because anyone who is a judge...they all have to get credentialed by those institutions," she says. "Those people training out lawyers and justices have been teaching for generations...how to use law as a tool of political warfare."

What used to be a slight institutional tilt against Conservatives has now developed into a one-sided swing.

Meanwhile, plenty of Leftist hooligans can go participate in riots, and light convenience stores on fire in the name of 'justice.' Then they get free legal representation, courtesy of the Democrat party, and usually get off with no issue from their crimes.

That is something that Pullman says needs to change.

"The Republican party need to provide legal assistance, they need to be investing in defending their people...they need free representation just like the Left," she says. "Not for criminal acts like the Left...but for these people who disagree with Democrats."

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