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When Will Republicans Go On The Attack?

One thing we learned from 2023, if Republicans really want to govern, they need to take a few pointers from the left.

"One of the reason's our country's been taken from us is because too many Republicans and conservatives have sat on the sideline's" said attorney and Republican strategist, Jared Woodfill, "It's time to get off the sideline's and get on the frontline's, and get in this battle. It's time that we stand up, we speak up, and then we refuse to give up, because the only way we lose is if we remain silent."

Thankfully, there we Republicans that spoke out against the blatant antisemitism that is still going on at many major universities. That has prompted Sentator J.D. Vance of Ohio to propose a bill that would increase the tax on endowments, which is currently 1.4%, up to 35%.

And then you have the case in Iowa, where a former military officer took down an altar to Satan, that was in the state capitol.

"It's shocking that it got to the point where in the Iowa legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, they would allow an altar to Satan to be placed in the state capitol" Woodfill told KTRH, "And that's how crazy things have gotten. It gotten that way because conservatives have sat back and done nothing."

Something that is going to have to change in 2024.

Election Day 2014 - Republicans and Democrats in the campaign

Photo: Gutzemberg / iStock / Getty Images

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