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Yellow-Bellied Republicans Are Killing America

Despite all of the tough talk about stopping the left and their radical agenda, RINO Republicans continue to help the Democrats while hurting our country.

Last week's Continuing-Resolution cave by House Republicans, have many in the GOP asking, why does this keep happening?

"We should be asking that when they're on FOX everyday" said political strategist Raven Harrison, "That's why they keep doing it, because it works. If they're able to get in bed with the Democrats, promising hope and they keep getting elected."

The bottom line is, far too many Republicans are far too weak. Or as one conservative writer opined on American Thinker, "Yellow-bellied Republicans are killing America".

"We have a lot of weak" Harrison told KTRH, "So our strength is going to be in this upcoming reset. We need to primary all these people, let's get these new and up and coming conservative patriots in office. Not the well funded, twenty year swamp creatures who've been there since the internet. That's how we fix it."

It's that simple, and it's the same message that we've had now for years. Hopefully, next year will be different.


Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP / Getty Images

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