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Whitmire Heavy Favorite in Next Month's Houston Mayoral Runoff

November's election results have yet to be finalized, but all eyes now turn to December's runoff for Houston mayor.

State Sen. John Whitmire was the top vote-getter against Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and Rice University's Mark Jones expects the same next month.

"The only thing that could adversely affect Whitmire is if you have lower turnout among Republicans and Independents, and higher turnout among African-American Democrats," he says.

Jones says Whitmire is working with a giant war chest, compared to Jackson Lee.

"Early voting is going to start right after Thanksgiving, meaning that we're going to see Whitmire on television quite a bit right after Thanksgiving through the December 9 election."

Whitmire continues to outspend and outgain Jackson Lee for dollars.

"In nonpartisan mayoral elections, most of the donors like to give to the winner, because they're giving more for access and having a good relationship with the future mayor, than for ideological reasons," says Jones.

Turnout will be likely lower than November's dismal general election, due mainly to fewer council seats up for grabs.

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