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Early Voting Ends Friday, Turnout As Expected in Harris County

Early voting ends Friday night, and totals in Harris County are on par with other off-year mayoral elections in Houston.

County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth says we may see a slight uptick on Election Day, but otherwise, numbers are coming in as projected.

As of Thursday evening, 171,673 voters had cast a ballot in-person. Another 14,034 mail-in ballots had been returned.

"We expect about a thirty percent turnout totally, including Election Day. So by the end of early voting, I believe we'll be halfway there," said Hudspeth.

And she reports no major issues during the two weeks of early voting.

"Early voting you have 12 days, right? So you can figure out all the things to mitigate. We've been able to navigate that. There's been plenty of paper. Plenty of resources for every single voter."

Early voting ends at 7pm Friday.  Polls are open from 7am-7pm again on Election Day Tuesday.

Early voting sticker on a gray shirt close up

Photo: Zen Rial / Moment / Getty Images

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