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China's shelling of $700 billion on their military becomes concerning

The Rise of China in recent years has become a problematic prospect for the world, and especially the United States. The problem does not lie with the U.S. not being a powerful country, it lies more so in the self-inflicted wounds we cause ourselves.

Those wounds would be sending military stockpiles and boatloads of cash to the Ukraine, as they fight their seemingly endless war with Russia. Over $76 billion has been sent to the country since the conflict began in Eastern Europe.

National security analyst Ed Turzanski says really though, we have no idea how much China is spending.

"We are very far behind what we spent in the 1980s...I would argue the Chinese are much more of a threat today," he says. "Any estimate made of the Chinese spending on their military just is not accurate...they view us as their adversary and will not let us know what they are actually doing."

The Chinese have also tried poking the American bear a bit too, advancing warships within miles of American ones near Taiwan last month. Their $700 billion dollars spent is a drastically higher number than the $224 billion they spent a few years ago.

They may even be spending more than what is reported.

"I suggest their spending is much higher than we think it is...we can see it in the number of ships they are building, the number of planes they have, and we have not even touched going into orbit, where they have been doing things with satellites lately," he says. "That should unnerve all of us."

There has been talked for years of fighting the Chinese space threat, with Former President Donald Trump even suggesting the new military branch dubbed 'The Space Force.'

As mentioned earlier, President Joe Biden continues shelling out obscene amounts of money to the Ukraine. At most recent check, there has been over $76 billion in aid sent there, and just this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy begged him for another $24 billion.

He only received a measly $325 million, thanks to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy denying his request to speak before a joint congress. Americans too are starting to see through the charade, too.

"The American public I believe is starting to lose patience...the cause has not been consistently and accurately explained...what is the objective? Pushing out the Russians sure, but is Crimea involved? That makes it a much different issue...I think Zelenskyy has hurt his own cause," Turzanski says.

This weak president continues to spit in Americans face as the border crisis rages to record levels, fentanyl overdoses skyrocket, and inflation sits at also record highs.

"The public does not know what we are paying for...Ukraine has always suffered horrendous corruption, too. All of this comes together, and the American public is having trouble making their mortgage, shopping for groceries...and do not like what they see coming across the border," he says.

It could all be a simple fix too. But, instead, Biden will keep cozying up to his friend in Eastern Europe.

"Fix what is wrong at home...at least build confidence in the public so they understand the situation," says Turzanski. "Give some reassurance that the money is being spent properly...anytime an audit is mentioned, supporters of this say, 'you can't do that.' Well, you better, because the public has questions, and you have kept them in the dark."

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