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Media, Dems Work to Downplay Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden Family Business

Mainstream media and Democrats are working hard to change the narrative of the impeachment inquiry into Biden's family influence peddling.

"There is no evidence. None whatsoever. I don't care how much they say otherwise. I have looked at it. There is no direct evidence that President Biden was involved in any way, shape or form, in Hunter Biden's business dealings," Rep. Dan Goldman, D-NY, told MSNBC.

But now we have bank records, suspicious activity reports, emails, texts, and witness testimony.

The American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord says look no further than the White House memo directing media outlets to criticize the impeachment inquiry.

"Not that a lot of these mainstream media outlets don't do it anyway, but the thought that the Biden White House felt the need to do this, I think speak volumes about their problems," he says.

That same media, he says, turns a blind eye to the Biden family's luxurious lifestyle.

"How are they able to afford all this sort of stuff? We know the answer now, and I think this opening round with Hunter is eventually going to lead to all kinds of things coming out," says Lord.

A recent CNN poll showed 61% of Americans believe the president was involved in son Hunter's business dealings.

"The real story here is going to be his influence peddling around the world. Setting up all the LLCs, twenty of them as I understand. All this money comes pouring in from Ukraine, China, etc., etc. That's the real story here."

President Biden Delivers Economics Speech At Prince George's Community College In Maryland

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