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House Republicans Back Dems' Plan to Extend Obamacare Spending

Republican lawmakers claim they're conservative, but many on Capitol Hill are adopting Bernie Sanders' plan to extend Obamacare's mandatory spending.

The so-called PATIENT Act is a ‘Buy now, pay later' boondoggle on American taxpayers.

"Why are Republicans, A. adding more spending when we already have $32-33 trillion of debt? And B. why do they keep extending a Bernie Sanders' program from Obamacare?" asks Christopher Jacobs, founder of the Juniper Research Group.

"One of the ways they want to pay for this new spending is by reducing reimbursements to the Medicare program. Democrats are the ones that use Medicare as a piggy bank. They're the ones that raided Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Why are Republicans doing the exact same thing?"

It's a way to keep the gravy train flowing once COVID-era subsidies end.

"This new bill will basically be an end-run around those spending caps. It's Republican leaders in the House once again figuring out a way to spend more money," says Jacobs.

The House is expected to approve the plan this week, but Jacobs says there's still hope the Senate will shoot it down.

Angled view of US Capitol Building

Photo: Photo by Mike Kline (notkalvin) / Moment / Getty Images

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