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Who Is Trump's Ideal Running Mate?

It shouldn't really come as a surprise, but there is growing speculation that Donald Trump is going to pick a female running mate as his choice for vice president.

There are multiple lists that are being reported as 'Trump's list', and they include South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Nikki Haley, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, and Kari Lake.

"I don't know if it's any of those, but I think it's inevitable" said political commentator Matt Locke, "I think the V.P. role has changed so dramatically in the times that we're in, with Joe Biden taking Kamala Harris. And as you've seen, she's really hasn't done anything. She was a woman of color, and here we are."

Yes, here we are, which leads to another important question? Does the V.P. even matter?

"Not anymore, not since Kamala Harris" Locke told KTRH, "Really, the V.P. is more of a figure head. If we go back, Mike Pence kind of soured it as well. I think the vice president has slowly fazed it's way out."

We will see what team Trump will be, but most now believe that the Trump V.P. - will be a woman.

Donald Trump Attends Monumental Leaders Rally In South Dakota

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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