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Are You Ready for Houston Holiday Shopping Stress

We’re moving on from back-to-school shopping to the Halloween candy already on store shelves, and before you know it, it will be time to check who has been naughty and nice. Our friends at TopCashBack sent us this information:

Ready for the holiday rush? Well, now’s the time to prepare for upcoming seasonal sales — Saturday (9/16) marks 100 days until Christmas(which will be here before you know it!). 

And according to a recent survey conducted by TopCashback.com (TopCashback), the USA’s most generous cash back site, over half (53%) of Americans find shopping for gifts the most stressful holiday activity. 

The survey polled a cross-section of 1,756 US-based adults, aged 18 and over. 

As for why shopping for gifts causes stress, the top five responses were:

·      Finding the perfect gifts people will actually like (73%)

·      Looking for the best deals/sales (55%)

·      Spending too much money or going into debt (39%)

·      Saving enough money for gifts (36%)

·      Crowded stores/long lines (35%)

The survey also found that almost three in five (59%) Americans feel like they overspend on gifts during the holidays. So to help you save money and stick to your holiday budget, here are four tips from TopCashback’s Team of Money-Saving Experts

  • Create a list. The first step to getting organized this holiday season is to build a list of what you’re planning to buy. This can keep you on track with your budget and help you avoid buying items last-minute. It’s key to get a general understanding of how much you plan on spending and how many people you are buying for to ensure you don’t overspend.
  • Do your research. Before buying, be sure you’re getting the best deal on holiday gifts by comparing prices for the items on your list. When comparing prices, factor in any applicable discounts, cash back and/or coupons. Another way to prepare is by researching the store’s sales cycle. Stores typically follow the same calendar of sales each year, so this can help you determine whether it’s worth buying now or waiting.

·      Pro-tip: If a new or popular gift is on your shopping list this holiday season, research to see when it will be in stock or available for pre-order. Buying these items in advance may save you money and decrease stress.

  • Use the right payment method. Review the terms of your credit cards to see which ones offer cash back and/or rewards for specific spending categories or stores. Using these cards when you shop for holiday gifts can save you extra cash, and in some instances you can apply these rewards directly to your bill as a statement credit.

·      Pro-tip: If you’re in the market for a new credit card, look into options that offer large sign-up bonuses to help you save up for/pay off your holiday expenses. But before applying, look into the terms of the bonus offer to ensure you won’t go over budget trying to meet the requirements. 

  • Use money-saving tools. When shopping online for the holidays, make sure to use a cash back site, like TopCashback, which guarantees the highest percentage of your money back at over 7,000 retailers nationwide, including Macy’s, Walmart and Sephora. TopCashback prioritizes helping people save money and is the only free cash back site in the US that gives 100% of the commission earned on purchases through its site back to members — so you can be confident you’re getting the best deal possible.

·      Pro-tip #1: Download a money-saving extension, like TopCashback’s free Browser Extension, which notifies you right in your browser when you’re shopping on a site offering cash back and/or coupons. The extension is available on Chrome and Safari.

·      Pro-tip #2: When in doubt, look for savings on TopCashback Gift Cards, which offers cash back on digital gift cards at over 300 retailers, including Target, Yankee Candle and GameStop. This can also come in handy in case you need any last-minute gift ideas.

photo: Getty Images

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