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'Woke' Military Policies Drops Public Confidence To Lowest Point Since '97

Criticism of our 'woke' U.S. military continues, as public confidence has dropped to it's lowest point in over 2 decades.

However, Peter Feaver, a Duke professor who served under both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, claims that criticism of our military is overblown. In fact, he believes it has made things worse.

We asked former U.S. Army Captain, and now JAG lawyer Sean Timmons about it, and he completely disagrees.

"Wokeness is a national security crisis" Timmons said, "Because, the best people who would be most capable of fighting and serving, are simply not willing to do it. You can't curse, you can't flirt, and if you believe in two genders only, you're a bigot. Why would you possibly sign up to work for such an organization?"

It's a great question, with the really bad numbers for public confidence, and recruiting.

"The military is now actively hostile to devout Christians" Timmons told KTRH, "If you are a devout Christian and don't believe in transgenderism, you're now violating the EO policy. If you believe there's only two genders, then you're now a bigot according to the military. That is just outrageous, and that's hostile to a significant number of your potential applicants."

Public confidence is at it's lowest point since 1997, and last year the Army missed it's recruiting goal by 25%.


Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP / Getty Images

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