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Judge Orders Buoys Removed, Critics Argue Texas Hasn't Gone Far Enough

A federal judge orders Texas to remove Gov. Greg Abbott's floating border wall by September 15. Abbott's office already issued a statement saying it will appeal.

The ruling comes while critics of Operation Lone Star argue state lawmakers have not gone far enough to protect us from an "invasion" of illegal immigration.

"Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution clearly gives the states the authority to do what they need to do to repel an invasion if the federal government is not coming to their aid," says Don Huffines, former state senator and president of the Huffines Liberty Institute.

Others point out Florida state lawmakers have been tougher on illegal immigration than Texas.

"Texas should have the strongest E-Verify laws in the nation, and we couldn't get it out of the Texas Senate," says Huffines. "Texas should make sure we don't give illegals in-state tuition, but I would go further than that and say we shouldn't even allow illegals to go to our state school system."

Huffines argues Operation Lone Star has been a drain on taxpayer dollars, with little success to this point. He says it's time Texas takes a clear stand against the Biden administration.

"We're going to deport every illegal that we find. We're going to secure the border by any means we can. We're going to charge a tariff, just as the Constitution allows, a tax. We're going to enter into negotiations with the foreign nation that's causing this invasion," he says.


Photo: SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP / Getty Images

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