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It's An ERCOT Conservation Notice Hat Trick! All This Week

ERCOT, issued its eighth conservation notice in the past two weeks due to lack of wind or solar generation. Some are now questioning whether this constant threat of outages and rolling brown outs is just the new norm. 

"We're always going to have issues if one of these renewable power generation systems isn't functioning at full capacity," says David Holt, president of the Consumer Energy Alliance.

Texas voters in November being asked to create a multi-billion dollar energy fund to boost natural gas, nuclear and coal production.

"The state continues to grow. Demand continues to grow, and it's going to grow for the foreseeable future. We need more energy. And we need sensible energy policies that allow a lane for everything to continue to grow."

Holt says that means wind and solar too, with an emphasis on more reliable resources.

"Affordable and reliable energy, while we meet our environmental goals is the answer," he says. "That can be done through natural gas and nuclear, as well as wind and solar. So we need all of it."

Report Claims 20 Percent Of US's Energy Could Come From Wind Power

Photo: Getty Images North America

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