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Biden’s desire to build illegal immigrant housing a slap to America’s face

So far, the Biden Administration has made it clear that America is last on their list of worries.

They cut the Keystone Pipeline, which hurt the energy sector, and gas prices. “Bidenomics” have severely hampered the economy. They have sent billions to Ukraine, while ignoring problems at home.

Finally, he wants millions of dollars to build housing for illegal immigrants, he has allowed freely into the country, while America’s own homeless population.

Breitbart’s John Binder says these would give illegal aliens even more of a free pass.

“They want to set these housing projects up and operate as a halfway house. They would be given curfew to return to the facility,” he says.

In the wake of allowing Trump-era deportation policy Title 42 to end in May, Biden set up his own policy, and CBP-One app, which allows immigrants into the country, sometimes with court dates five years away.

“It is all really a testament to this ‘catch and release’ program…we are talking about millions of people being released into the U.S. interior from the border,” he says.

In turn, the Biden border bungle affects your bottom line too.

“The more people you add who need a house…that increases rents, it increases cost of living, it increases housing prices,” he says. “Which we have seen in places like New York City…neighboring counties housing prices are so high; more burden cannot be added to that system.”

In the year 2023, around 577,000 Americans are homeless. Not illegal immigrants, actual people from the United States. But, Biden does not seem to care.

“Some of them have been homeless three, four years, with no end in sight,” he says. “For the Biden Administration to not be focused on the well-being of Americans, considering times are so tough right now…and to be focused on building housing for people, who are being released into the country…it is astounding.”

Of course, Biden created this whole issue himself, when allowing not just Title 42 to expire, but by repealing ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy.

Their new system as we mentioned, which schedules court hearing for these immigrant asylum claims years down the road, just bogs down an already rough situation.

“We just have to hope they show up, and when they don’t, it falls on ICE to find them, and deport them…it makes the entire system harder for Homeland Security, but yet, that is what is happening,” he says.

Texas has done their best efforts to reduce the issue, shipping thousands of immigrants on buses to Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and the aforementioned New York City. But, when even the so called ‘sanctuary cities’ are having issues, then there is a real problem.

“When places like that, who have public services and social services for over 9 million residents…when they cannot handle 100,000 illegal aliens, imagine what problems a small or medium sized city would go through dealing with that,” he says. “And there seems to be little concern for the Biden administration over the consequence of this.”

Binder adds that there are not only economic consequences, but this influx and potential free safe haven would increase criminal activities.

U.S. Border Patrol Takes Immigrants Into Custody At Arizona-Mexico Border

Photo: Getty Images North America

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